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Pat Pickett, Louisa and Beverly!
Mannie, Dora, Dot, Louisa, Bob Bjorkman and Beverly
Pat Pickett and Beverly Bjorkman
Young Louisa Pickett  and Louisa with cousin Leroy Briggs
Mannie and Dora Briggs Pickett
Mannie and Dora Pickett with Arilla, Pat, Louisa, Bulo, Zella, Royal, Dot and Mike.
Mannie, Dora, Leatrice, Enzley,
Kent Blackhurst, Beverly Bjorkman
Top: Royal, Mike, Pat
Bottom: Louisa, Mannie, Dora, Arilla, Dot, Curtis (Remember the Lombardy Poplars?)
Top: Mike, Royal, Dora, Mannie, Bulo, Pat
Sitting: Louisa, Sarel, Bill Shaw, Gladys, Zella, Dot and Bob Bjorkman, Bryan and Arilla Blackhurst; Kids: Leatrice, Enzley, Kent.
Dora Briggs Pickett and Trisha Pickett (Daugaard)
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